Marcella Romero

Marcella Romero BLP
Marcella has over 10 years of experience in the legal profession. She specializes in Corporate & Commercial, Labor & Employment, Telecommunications, Media & Technology, Banking & Finance, Tax, and Intellectual Property.

Regarding the Corporate & Commercial practice area, Marcella assists local and transnational companies in a number of day-to-day issues, and is very active in mergers & acquisitions. She also assists local and international investors in the implementation and development of new businesses as she has extensive experience in investment matters. In Labor & Employment, Marcella advises companies in planning and structuring issues, labor policies, compensation and benefits of executive staff, regulatory advice, as well as in labor procedures, whether judicial and administrative. As for Telecommunications, Media, and Technology, Marcella has expertise in regulatory issues, asset acquisition, financing of media and assets, sectorial disputes, creation of strategies for the implementation of digital businesses and their regulatory frameworks. In Banking & Finance, she is knowledgeable on loans and financing in connection with banks and financial institutions, domestic and international transactions, and issue of bonds.

Marcella joined BLP as an Associate in 2014, after working as legal counsel in Telecommunications, Contracts, International Procurement, and New Technology Projects at the Global Resources Department of Telefónica España in Madrid, Spain. In addition, she worked as Legal Translator and Consultant of the International Data Transfer Department of the Spanish Data Protection Agency in Madrid, Spain. She was an associate at the law firm Romero Pineda & Asociados, legal counsel at Castaneda Ingenieros, an associate at the law firm Benjamín Valdez & Asociados, legal counsel at AVX Industries, USAID’s officer for the program “Citizens Access to Labor Justice” in PACT, labor inspector, legal collaborator and legal counsel at the Ministry of Labor of El Salvador, and responsible for the Registration division of the Law department at Avance Ingenieros.

Marcella currently lives in La Libertad, El Salvador. She is a member of the Center for Legal Studies of El Salvador and of the Public Policy Committee of the Salvadoran Chamber of Technologies.

Universidad Doctor José Matías Delgado, summa cum laude 
M.A., Universidad Centroamericana José Simeón Cañas
M.A., Universidad Carlos III de Madrid