Lars Samuelson

Associate Professor in Fiscal Law

Dr. Lars Samuelson is an associate professor (docent) in fiscal law of Uppsala University. After obtaining an L.L.D. in fiscal law from Uppsala University in 1994, Dr. Samuelson worked with several Swedish law firms, including KPMG, EY and Swedish tax boutique Svalner. His practice included mergers and acquisitions, reorganizations, transfer pricing and tax litigation. Dr. Samuelson has extensive experience in international corporate taxation involving both private and listed companies. Dr. Samuelson currently conducts a research study on the implementation of the European Union measures against BEPS in a Swedish domestic law perspective.

L..L.D., Fiscal Law, Uppsala University, 1994

Bloomberg BNA Tax Management Portfolios:
6970 T.M., Transfer Pricing: Rules and Practice in Selected Countries (Q-S) (co-author)