Josephine Peng

Senior Counselor
Josephine Peng

Josephine, a certified public accountant in the Republic of China and the U.S., joined Lee and Li in 2000. She leads the firm's Tax Practice Group, and specializes in all tax aspects of cross-border mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, financial products, securities transfers, and various other types of transactions, which are often complex and have a global dimension. 

Josephine regularly handles test cases and represents local and international conglomerates and companies in applying for tax rulings, tax treaty exemption and tax reassessments, as well as handling tax disputes, lawsuits and transfer pricing related matters.

In recognition of her outstanding services, Josephine was named by The International Tax Review in 2006 as the most sought after tax adviser in Taiwan, and The Tax Directors Handbook 2009 as one of the best tax advisers in Taiwan. Known for her expertise in identifying even hidden tax issues and offering practical tax advices and effective solutions, Josephine is often invited to speak and write on a wide range of tax issues, and is a co-chair of the tax committee of the American Chamber of Commerce in Taipei.

National ChengChi University, Taiwan: Law Course (2009-2012)
National Taiwan University, Taiwan: Law Courses (2006)
Columbia University, NY: Ph. D. program in Accountancy (1981)
University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign): Ph. D. program in Accountancy (1980)

Bloomberg BNA Tax Management Portfolios:
7080 T.M., Business Operations in the Republic of China (co-author)