Ernst Bunders

Tax Adviser

Ernst Bunders, tax adviser, is a member of the Tax Practice Group at Loyens Loeff. He specializes in Netherlands tax treaties and tax legislation. He focuses on resolving (major) disputes between tax payer and tax administration, international mutual agreement procedures. Since 1973 he has worked for the Dutch Ministry of Finance, advising the (deputy) Minister of Finance on tax policy and legislation. During this time he has negotiated tax treaties and some EU-directives for the Netherlands. He has represented the Netherlands in of the OECD meetings in Paris, lastly in the OECD project (1998) on Harmful Tax Competition. He has also been a member of the Dutch delegation in the European Code of Conduct Group.

Since mid-1999, Ernst has been responsible in the Dutch Tax Administration for (the organization of) the levying of tax from large enterprises in the Netherlands, including the ruling team. He is a member of IFA and the Dutch association of tax law.

Tax Law, University of Leiden (1970)

Bloomberg BNA Tax Management Portfolios:
(Commissioned) 6892 T.M., U.S. Income Tax Treaties:  Competent Authority Functions and Procedures of Selected Countries (co-author)